Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione 200G


Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione 200G


Glutax 200gs is a top of the line whitening and quality product.

This improves pigmentation, removes dark spots and acne scars, makes skin smooth and is an indispensable whitening product.


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Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione 200G
Acido Alfa Lipoico 500mg
Epidermal Growth factor 2000mg
Acido Cogico 500mg
Multivitaminico 3000mg
Collagen Natural 600mg
Selenio 500mg
Crithmum Maritimum Cells CIC2 300mg
Crithmum Maritimum plant stem cells accelerates wound healing, increases epidermal growth factor activation, reduces healing time and regulates keratinocyte proliferation. It is also suitable in anti-aging and medical beauty repair products.

Main Benefits:
Skin Whitening
Powerful Anti-aging
Powerful moisturizer
Promotes Quick Skin Restoration
Excellent Scar Repair
Helps quickly heal wounds
A box contains:
10 vials glutathione
5ml x 10 ampoules
2ml x 10 ampoules
USAGE : One set (powder + solvent) injection every week for 1 or 2 months (depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 or 3 weeks for maintenance.

Not Suitable For those who are breast feeding, pregnant, have allergies to vitamins, or patients with cardiovascular problems


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